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Our offer comprises comprehensive projects connected
with asbestos handling.



 The offer includes

  • securing a facility in line with applicable regulations - establishing a danger zone and installation of required safety measures
  • disassembling materials containing asbestos - using specialist wet disassembly technologies including asbestos dust removal; works conducted by properly trained teams provided with professional personal safety equipment;
  • securing, loading and preparing waste containing asbestos for transport - packing waste in film packaging (thickness 0.2 mm) and special labelling;
  • transport - services provided by authorised units operating tracks adapted for hazardous material transport in secured containers;
  • disposal of asbestos waste (waste codes 17 06 05* and 17 06 01*) - selective disposal of waste on hazardous waste disposal sites;
  • air monitoring - laboratory tests for asbestos fibre content in the air;
  • complying with applicable formal and administrative requirements - elaborating full technical documentation.

All works are conducted in line with applicable legal requirements.
Our long-standing experience and constant coordination of our projects with supervisory bodies of the National Labour Inspectorate, Sanitary and Environmental Protection  Inspectorates as well as District Construction Supervision authorities are a guarantee of safety and

Our activity is based on the Decision of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship no. 2565/OS/2010 approving the waste management programme all over Poland. We also have a Waste Transport Decision applicable in whole Poland.

We are a company specialised in dealing with asbestos. We deal with all administrative formalities, elaborate schedules of works and supervise all activities. Our references are really extensive.

Costs of individual works are estimated individually, depending on the type of services, site, disassembly surface area, asbestos material type and presence of other materials. Our company periodically monitors the quality of works by conducting tests of concentration of harmful agents on the asbestos element disassembly site and in the air. All conducted tests for asbestos fibre concentration in the air have proved effectiveness of technologies used. Permissible asbestos concentration levels have not been exceeded and working conditions have been described as safe.

Moreover, we operate specialist equipment for asbestos handling, i.e. industrial vacuum cleaners for asbestos handling, low-speed tools with local extraction systems, etc. Our personnel is trained for industrial safety while handling products containing asbestos. Moreover, our personnel undergoes specialist medical check-ups and is equipped with necessary personal safety equipment.


We are positive that our offer is attractive enough to encourage you to cooperate with our company.
Do not hesitate to ask any questions or offer suggestions.