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"Bezpieczna Budowa" (Safe Construction Site)


"Promocja standardów BHP" (Promoting Health&Safety Standards)



Our clients' satisfaction results from our
long-standing experience and constant development.



We provide our clients with comprehensive asbestos-related solutions:

⇒  advisory services related to asbestos as regards legal issues, implementation technologies,
     cost estimates and possibilities of obtaining external means;
⇒  fast and efficient execution ensured by experienced and consistently trained personnel:



  • securing a facility;
  • disassembling elements containing asbestos;
  • securing, loading and transporting asbestos waste;
  • depositing asbestos waste on waste disposal sites;
  • conducting environmental measurements for asbestos content;
  • meeting applicable formal and administrative requirements

⇒ constant works supervision
⇒ comprehensive projects






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